Saturday, December 31, 2011

Once again, James has a wedding while still married to someone else.

Ahhhhh.... D-Bag James is "married" again.  This time to a fresh 19 year old who by her own twitter admission is "into cooking, baking, and having sex."

The wedding was a nice Halloween themed affair aptly done since it occurred on October 30, 2011...

And what's a wedding without wedding cake (or cakes)?

Only problem is, at the time this wedding occurred, James was still married to Natalie.  Their divorce wasn't finalized until December.

So, this makes James either a bigamist or....

drumroll please...

a LIAR!  Hence the name of this blog.

I'm guessing that James concocted some story as to why he couldn't get an official marriage license.  For instance, maybe he said his wallet was stolen with his birth certificate in it and he can't get a copy for a certain period of time so the marriage license will just have to wait a bit.  But we can do the ceremony now and quietly get the paper later.  I'm sure no one has ever heard that before.  Or have they?

The freejinger boards are all over this.


Time for some popcorn.  This might get good.

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Melissa said...

Ugh what a horrible human being! Hope the new 'bride' manages to run far away fast!