Saturday, September 20, 2014

Seriously! Get a Vasectomy!

Thanks to "anonymous" for tipping me off about this...

It appears that the St. Louis Family Court has won a default judgment against our prolific propagator, James Ference.

No surprise that "Fail to Appear" Ference didn't bother to show up to defend himself.  A court appearance would likely result in arrest for the trespassing warrant in effect for his arrest.  Or did you take that care of that one James?  LOL...probably not.

Anyhow, I'm guessing this makes yet another victim of James' wayward philandering.  Another deadbeat's irresponsibility becoming the tax payer's burden.

Still thinking that James is a great guy, Chelsea?  

Still defending James' integrity level Mr. Hodapp?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No more fluff for James and Chelsea.

Well, it took awhile but James finally legitimized his "fluff" fake wedding to Chelsea.  According to Jackson County public records accessible HERE, the previously pretend married couple finally tied the knot on June 4, 2013.  Time will tell if James' used a good knot this time or one of those kind that easily come undone when you pull on them a little bit. 

 I love the part on the marriage application where it lists the "Number of this marriage".  I imagine there a few out there but not too many as high as this...

Incidentally, a charitable side of James and Chelsea comes out on this.  They checked the box to contribute $1 to the Jackson County Homeless Fund.

Now, if they only had a box to contribute some back child support money....

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Some say a psycho. What say you?


Similar to the womansavers post but quite a bit of fun new information to read.  Catching any clues yet Mr. Hodapp?
“This man is a sociopath. He’s a Sweetheart Scam Artist. He is NOT capable of real feelings/emotions. He comes off as loving, sensitive, romantic, passionate, and more. But it’s short-termed and before you know it, you’ve paid his bills and he’s gone without warning or notice. He internalizes what he’s really thinking and by the time he shares his thoughts with you, he’s mentally and emotionally exited the relationship even though he was telling you he loved you and wanted to spend the rest of his life with you the day before. He proposes marriage within days to a few weeks of knowing you. He’s a pathological liar. He’ll promise to change, but never does. He’s worthless. He’s evil. Stay away from him. He is NOT who he says he is. He’s flat broke all the time and always spending his money instead of paying his bills. He’s a leech that will destroy you financially, mentally, and emotionally. He is a CON-ARTIST, pathological liar, and a sociopath. He’s VERY GOOD at being deceiving and getting you hooked on caring for him. DON’T care for him. Report him and run! He only cares about himself. He is so good at his skill that I gave him a second chance. If you are one of those people that believe in the good in people and see hope, don’t trust what you see in him. What you feel may be real to you but it’s not to him”
“He also goes from woman to woman. If he’s left you, you will be replaced within a week if you hadn’t been replaced already. He’s sneaky, deceitful, untrustworthy, and more. He also is addicted to porn and pretends to be a Christian. He will go to church with you and read the Bible, but he does not have any morals. Everything he wants – wife, kids, money, objects – he wants to make himself look good and feel good about himself, when the truth is he has nothing to feel good about and doesn’t. He also owes TONS of people LOTS of money. He is scum. I don’t think he was cheating on me, but I know he cheated on other women he was dating when he was with me or he had been with me within days of dating other women” “Today he has sworn up and down he’s going to change so he “doesn’t have to deal with people like me anymore.” PEOPLE LIKE ME? Honest, caring, giving, sweet, innocent people that get absolutely walked on and destroyed by him? Oh! MY FAULT! Sorry to mess HIS life up by holding him accountable for his actions! I warn you ladies, make him do his time and keep your emotional and financial space until he can prove he can be trusted. His finances should be in order, he shouldn’t feel the need to lie about little things, he should have friends, he should be able to talk about his problems MORE THAN ONE TIME before he freaks out and blows up or shuts down, he should be on medication and have been going to therapy for months, before you even THINK about getting in a serious relationship with him or in bed with him! BE CAREFUL! He is passionate and his touch and his dramatic words and moans and sighs can really get you feeling like you are the only one for him. Do you think you are? Well TEST HIM! Make him give you your space. Don’t talk to him or see him everyday, because he WILL crowd you and not give you a second to think about any BUT being with him. TEST HIM. Go months before even suggesting or allowing him to move in with you, propose to you, ask you for money while being told “I’ll pay you back on Friday.” TEST HIM! Don’t talk to him for 2 or 3 weeks. Tell him you need some time to think or just need some space. See if he’ll respect that and leave you alone. See if he’ll be there in 3 weeks or 3 months or if he’s moved on. When I told him I wanted some time to see if he was really going to change and go to the doctor, and I didn’t want to talk to him until he went to the doctor (psych doctors), he came over the next day. Is that what I needed or was that what he needed? He does what he needs to get you in his control. Don’t get me wrong...I want him to change. The thing is, it took me a long time to let go of him because I was in love with the POTENTIAL JAMES. IF he was more responsible, IF he wasn’t so selfish, IF he didn’t waste money like that, IF he dealt with his shit, IF IF IF IF IF IF IF HE CHANGES, we would be perfect together! Make sure he is who he says he is. Make sure he can be what he says he can be before you allow him into your heart, home, and life. And if you have children, I wouldn’t even take the risk. My daughter can’t stand him. My friends could sniff him out when they met him, but I didn’t want to hear it, because I wanted and truly thought he was the one. He will study your profile online and be exactly what you are so you think you found the perfect match. I really do hope he changes but no one will know he can prove to be different over a long time period. He only lasted a couple of weeks when he was acting good for me” “My friend has a great saying. She says she is looking for a guy without a but. I asked her what do you mean.... She said, “You know...He’s handsome, he’s charming BUT....and then fill in the blank.” I laughed...So true. Sometimes I think we should put more thought into what goes after that “but” and not rationalize it or believe that he will change. Fall in love with who they ARE or realize this guy is not the right one and move on or stay alone” 

 Source: LINK

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Deadbeat James strikes again

More evidence of James' continuing deadbeat ways.  He and his "fluff" wife Chelsea were evicted after several months of non-pay on their rent.  Time and time and time again, James proves that he is a deadbeat as well as a liar.  

I wonder what excuses were made for not paying.  

Home invasion robbery?  


Surely he wouldn't use those excuses again.  

Would he?


Enter Case #:  1216-CV17831

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Interesting read that I found mentioned in a blog post reply.  Interesting that this was posted sometime prior to Februrary 16, 2007.  How many wives and broken hearts ago was that?

Anyhow, it's too bad that this only readily comes up if you put it James' whole name in a search engine.  They might be better serving the public by leaving out the middle name. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bigamist AND a liar

On my previous post, I shared how James had apparently gotten "married" while still married to someone else.  I expressed that such actions made James either a bigamist or a liar.

Turns out there's no "or" to it.  According to Missouri law, if one even purports to marry, while still married to someone else, they have committed the criminal offense of bigamy.

Revised Statutes of Missouri 568.010. (LINK)

1. A married person commits the crime of bigamy if he:
(1) Purports to contract another marriage; or
(2) Cohabits in this state after a bigamous marriage in another jurisdiction. 

So James, even if you had a "fluff" wedding, by Missouri law, you have committed the jailable offense of bigamy.  And, since this is a repeat offense,  that might be good for an enhanced penalty. 

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Once again, James has a wedding while still married to someone else.

Ahhhhh.... D-Bag James is "married" again.  This time to a fresh 19 year old who by her own twitter admission is "into cooking, baking, and having sex."

The wedding was a nice Halloween themed affair aptly done since it occurred on October 30, 2011...

And what's a wedding without wedding cake (or cakes)?

Only problem is, at the time this wedding occurred, James was still married to Natalie.  Their divorce wasn't finalized until December.

So, this makes James either a bigamist or....

drumroll please...

a LIAR!  Hence the name of this blog.

I'm guessing that James concocted some story as to why he couldn't get an official marriage license.  For instance, maybe he said his wallet was stolen with his birth certificate in it and he can't get a copy for a certain period of time so the marriage license will just have to wait a bit.  But we can do the ceremony now and quietly get the paper later.  I'm sure no one has ever heard that before.  Or have they?

The freejinger boards are all over this.


Time for some popcorn.  This might get good.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

James was operating a DJ business called "A Cut Above Entertainment".  His lying and cheating were detailed on WDAF Fox 4 last night on their "Problem Solvers" segment. 

Once again, James has been shown to be a liar and a cheat.  You really think James that anyone's going to feel sorry for you because your wife left you and you're living out of your car?  You really going to pay back those ladies whose money you took for services you didn't provide?  Based on your past experience, I'd say it's highly unlikely.  You are a liar James.  Over and over and over again, you prove it.  And you said you're changing... HA!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Probably time for James to move on to the next wife

In Cook County Illinois, Natalie has filed for legal separation from James.  A screenshot of the relevant page is posted here.

Source  (Under Division Name, select 'Domestic Relations/Child Support' and in the name field, type 'Ference')

Good luck getting that child support Natalie.  He can't support the two children he has from known marriage #2.  Congrats on getting away from that psychopath.  I wonder who he's establishing a relationship with now?  And based on his history, I'm sure he is.  Hopefully they'll do a google search of his name and find this page. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

James Ference - Not a "Maiden" of virtue

A reader of the blog sent this to me.

Could this be wife number 1?  Or just another in a long line of James Ference wives?

Application Date: 11/12/1998Ceremony Date: License No: 98MR02724

First NameMid NameLast NameSufBirthplace

From Johnson County, Kansas public records. 
(then search for last name 'Ference' and select 'Marriage License')

And, the divorce...

Case NoDivisionLast NameFirst NameMiddle NameROLECAPTION

Also from Johnson County, Kansas public records. 
(search for last name 'Ference' and select 'Civil'

Interesting to note that James' last name was Ference when they married.  He then changed HIS last name to 'Hunter'.  (Notice how the case is "Hunter vs. Hunter"?)  If you look at the details of the divorce, a notation was made of a maiden name restoration.  James being the "maiden".  He got his name restored back to Ference.   How strange is that?

10/04/2001Defendant FERENCE, JAMES DAVID added on 10/04/01

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

James is douchier (Is that a word?) than I thought

From the urban dictionary:

douchier - when one person possesses a greater level of douche or douchiness and might quite possibly close to attaining the super douche status.

Yep, it fits...

From the freejinger message board: 

(Posted by person purporting to be James' 3rd wife)

To answer your question:  How do I know that James Ference is the same James Ference that was married to me? Well, let's look at this logically.  The following are things that I know for a fact from what I personally saw/experienced or what James confessed to me. Notice the patterns- both in the types of women he chooses and what he does.

He was married to wife #1- a christian woman who was financially stable. Before wife #1 and he were divorced, he attempted to date Wife #2. Wife #2 found out that he was still married, so she told him she would not date him until the divorce was final. It was only then that he got divorced.   He and Wife #2 started dating and were married...

for rest of post click ------> HERE

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

James responds

For anyone wondering about the accuracy of what's been posted on this blog, this might serve as a little confirmation that everything I've posted about him is true.  From James' Facebook fan page... 

SOURCE (Since originally posting this, the Facebook page has been removed)

Were you ashamed of  yourself James when you repeatedly cheated on Susie and financially abandoned her leaving her to take care of your two children alone?

Were you ashamed of yourself when you repeatedly cheated on Krista and established another relationship and sham marriage while still married to her?  

Were you ashamed when you cheated on both Krista and Natalie fathering another child who likely will receive little to no financial support from you?

How many years have you been playing this game James?  You cheat and lie over and over again.  When caught, you play your emotional head games and just keep cheating and lying.  You haven't changed and most likely never will.  You were caught and now saying the things you think you need to say to try to smooth everything over.  That's how you've always done it. 

You are a liar and an emotional predator James.

That's why this blog exists. 

To warn others about you.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Courtship stories

Wow!  Just discovered that James is a major topic of discussion elsewhere on Internet.  Happy reading....


(Discussion doesn't really get rolling until around post #41)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ahhhhh.... James and Natalie just had a baby boy. I wonder if James has stopped romancing new women when he is already married to another? Will this child receive the love and financial support the others are missing out on? How long will that last? Time will tell.

James also has a court appearance scheduled for today in Bowling Green, Missouri for driving while suspended. Suspended for not taking care of prior tickets received. Once again, evidence that James lacks integrity to stand up and take responsibility for his actions. I wonder if the judge will give him jail time (if James even bothers to show up for court).


Enter under case number search: 10PI-CR00423

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quite simply, James Ference is not telling the truth about his relationship with Natalie. When they were supposedly married in April 2009, James was married to another woman. He didn't divorce this woman until June 2009 leaving her with a mountain of debt that he helped incur.

April wedding?? No. James was married to someone else in April. James and Natalie lied about their wedding date.  They were actually married in July 2009 after his divorce was finalized.

Link to Jackson County marriage license entry!uK%03dfI5q!jg1ZA2A3N&ms=0&cabinet=marriage&pg=&id2=y8xNVU!ro%03%0FNtAhOTj5JDA5XQpm!y8yM